As we prepare to reopen our church in a responsible manner that protects the health and welfare of our members as well as our guests, a task force has been created and has established the following protocols:


Our church facility will be set up to ensure people can easily maintain social distancing from the time they enter church property until they leave.

  1. We will modify our parking lot so that only every other parking space is available. This may be accomplished by strategically blocking the spaces with cones or by marking closed spaces with chalk or tape.

  2. Entrance of the building will be limited to the front doors only.

  3. The fellowship hall will be off limits until further notice.

  4. Ushers will control the flow of traffic entering and exiting the sanctuary. Upon entering the sanctuary, the middle aisle will be blocked off and guests should enter the pews from the left or right side of the sanctuary. Exiting the sanctuary will be done via the center aisle one row at a time.

  5. All hymnal, Bibles and personal fans will be removed from the sanctuary.

  6. We will utilize every third pew for family seating with no more than eight (8) persons per pew.                                                                                                                                    

  7. At the completion of worship, ushers will instruct guests to exit by rows instead of all at once. Six feet of social distancing will be maintained and ushers will be on-hand to ensure that there is no “bottle-necking” while exiting.

  8. Only the restrooms outside of the Pastor’s office will be utilized and will be limited to two (2) persons per gender restroom.

  9. We will create bathroom spacing by “closing” every other urinal or stall and sink by taping stall doors and placing “closed” signs on sinks or urinals.



  1. The Trustees will acquire a supply of disposable masks and hand sanitizer.

  2. Masks will be required to enter building and will be provided for those who do not have one. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  3. Sanitizing stations will be positioned at the entrance of the church and the sanctuary.

  4. Guests will be required to utilize sanitizer upon entering and exiting the building.

  5. Members of the hospitality ministry will be stationed at the entrance of the church and will instruct guests to sanitize.




  1. We will modify our worship experience to last no longer than 90 minutes until further notice.

  2. The music ministry will limit choir participation to 4-5 persons including the Minister of Music.

  3. There will be no sharing of microphones. Each mic will have a colored wind guard which will be removed and cleaned each Sunday.

  4. Greeters, ushers, and communion stewards will all wear masks during worship

  5. We will utilize individual communion kits until further notice and communion stewards will also wear disposable gloves while serving.

  6. Worship will be edited in a manner that will allow both the collection of tithes and offerings as well as disposal of empty communion kits while exiting the church.

  7. We will begin reopening our worship experience with two (2) separate services; 8:00 am and 11:00 am.

  8. Effective August 2nd, we will move our worship experience to one (1) services; 10:00 am.


Upon the conclusion of each worship service, the sanctuary will be sanitized.


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