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To equip and resource the program ministry areas to successfully implement effective ministry and mission.​

Pastor Assistant

​Jerri Gaither

Radical Hospitality

To invite, welcome​, receive and care for guests and to cultivate a sense of belonging for members.

Ministry Area Chair

Keisha Mahoney Jones

Passionate Worship

To seek encounters with God in Christ and to cultivate relationship that lead people into an authentic relationship with God.​

Ministry Area Chair

​Delphine Norris

Intentional Faith Development

To develop disciples of Jesus Christ by fostering ministries of spiritual development and maturity.​

Ministry Area Chair

Rev. Paulette Jones

Church Altar
Risk Taking Mission & Service

To implement ministries that make a positive difference in the lives of people, whether or not they will ever be a part of the community of faith.​

Ministry Area Chair

Jerrold Wingfield

* Leadership & Development Team has Voice and Vote​

** Senior Pastor has Voice - NO Vote.

NOTE: Administrative Committees maintain the character required in the Book of Discipline. 

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